Aerospace Fastener Technologies(Shanghai) Co.Ltd

Based within the China Free Trade Zone, Aerospace Fastener Technologies (AFT) is a leader in the distribution of aerospace fastener equipment, helping to improve manufacturers capabilities with world-leading technology. Continually in technical cooperation with renowned aviation fastener manufacturers, including E-Tech, Aerospace Fastener Technologies helps client’s source only the best equipment.


Working closely with manufacturers, E-Tech are dedicated to –

  • Providing the high-speed rail fastener industry with the best manufacturing process and equipment
  • Providing the world’s leading nuclear power industry with the best stud thread rolling equipment
  • Providing clients with advanced technology, whilst supporting them with processes Integration and a comprehensive technical service, including new process development


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Aerospace Fastener Technologies

Aerospace Fastener Technologies(Shanghai) Co.Ltd

Aerospace Fastener Technologies(Shanghai) Co.Ltd.
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