Valve Machines

Special purpose machines for the grinding, cutting and finishing of large and small engine valves. World leading, fast and reliable designs with integrated automation and built for 24/7 operation.


What are valves?

Valves are key components within internal combustion engines. They work to control the flow of air and fuel into the combustion chamber, and the flow of exhaust gasses out.

They are controlled with the use of a camshaft, with the valve head sitting within the combustion chamber and the stem protruding from the cylinder.

Manufacturing valves

Manufacturing valves is achieved through the use of valve machines. Ensuring the production of high-quality valves is vital in order to increase engine performance.

There are a variety of valve machines involved in this process, including a valve seat cutter, a valve seat grinder, CNC valve machines, and a valve grinding machine.

These various machines perform set functions within the process and are vital to ensuring the production of high-quality valves.

The effective grinding of valve seats using valve seat grinding machines can also work to improve engine performance, as a smoother, better-shaped valve allows for better control over the all-important air/fuel mixture.


E-Tech supply a wide range of industry-leading valve machines including valve seat grinding machines, engine valve cut-off machines, and CNC valve head and seat turning machines.

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