Fastener Machines

Special purpose machines for the production of aerospace fasteners. World leading fast and reliable designs with integrated automation and quick changeover, built for 24/7 operation.


What Are Fasteners?

Fasteners are defined as a pin or a nut used to form a bolt to secure a number of components together.

With regards to aerospace fasteners, they are used to connect a range of parts such as stiffeners, flanges skins and ribs.

Manufacturing Fasteners

The process of manufacturing aerospace fasteners requires the use of fastener machines and fillet rolling machines, to produce parts that are a high-enough standard to withstand the extra stresses experienced during flight.

The function of a fillet rolling machine is to allow for the process of fillet rolling, whereby components are treated for extra durability.

Aerospace Fastener Facts

  • An Airbus A380 is constructed with over 6 million different components, half of which are fasteners.
  • When constructing a single-aisle aircraft, the use of titanium aerospace fasteners instead of steel can save 110kg in weight.
  • An aircraft is struck by lightning more than once a year. The correct flow of the current through the aircraft is facilitated by the appropriate use of aerospace fasteners, keeping the aircraft in the sky.


At E-Tech we supply a wide range of cutting-edge fastener machines for the manufacture of aerospace fasteners, as well as fillet rolling machines and lathes.

Whatever your production need, we can meet it.