Our Company

  • Earlsdon Technology Ltd have been designing and building special-purpose machine tools and automation since 1993.
  • Sales in 2019 were approximately UK£ 3.9m / US$ 6m / € 5.5m
  • >80% of our machines are exported to Europe, North & South America, South Africa, South-East Asia, China and India.
  • We specialise in Machines for Manufacturers of Engine Valves and Manufacturers of Fasteners for Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial Applications
  • Almost all our machines include automatic loading and unloading and are designed to be fast, flexible and reliable.
  • We have a small, highly skilled team that offer a personal service worldwide
  • Based in a modern, well-equipped factory in Coventry in the heart of the UK
  • Many of our customers have more than 20 E-Tech machines.
A collection of fastener valves which were manufactured by Earlsdon Technology