Key Points
  • Rolling the underhead radius
  • 2 Modes: Fully automatic loading or Semi-automatic loading
  • Fully-automatic mode – Approximately 400 parts per hour
  • Semi-automatic mode 200 – 1000 parts per hour depending on
  • Precise, programmable rolling parameters with 100%
    in-process checking
  • Fast changeover
  • Safe, clean working
  • Easy maintenance
  • Industry 4.0 compatible
  • Specially-written user-friendly software in multiple languages
Machine Features
  • −24” / 600 mm Ø Vibratory Bowl Feeder
  • Servo-controlled Loading Arm
  • Load cell to measure actual rolling force during each cycle and
    to check that it is within programmed limits
  • Programmable control of rolling force, rpm & time
  • Drive unit with inverter controlled spindle motor
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC control system with touch-screen
  • Integrated coolant tank, filter and pump

Semi-automatic Mode (Manual Loading):

  • Manual loading cycle initiated by touch sensitive two-hand
    safety buttons
  • Safety light curtain to protect operator during cycle