We are thrilled to share a snapshot of SPS Technologies’ engineers standing in front of one of their new ADB-S2 Drill, Point & Broach Machines.

SPS have had 20 e-tech ADB-X machines running in 3-shift production in their Leicester facility for over 20 years. The machines have produced more than 1 billion aerospace fasteners in that time.

Despite the old machines continued impressive performance, SPS recently made the decision to replace them with new e-tech ADB-S2 machines with full servo control and many other enhanced features. 12 ADB-S2 machines should eventually replace the 20 older machines, even with increased production volumes.

Andrew Mushing, the lead engineer on this project, said “We are grateful to E-Tech for their exceptional support and innovative solutions, which have been instrumental in our success for over 20 years. In the most recent project between the two companies, SPS Technologies has acquired three ADB-S2 Drill, Point & Broach Machines from e-tech, a strategic investment that aligns with our goal to double our production output.”

Stay tuned for more updates on who and where our latest machines are going to!

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