We are delighted to welcome the return of one of our favourite Suppliers after a very traumatic experience.
On March 7th Chez Anczarski, who is a partner in Pole Precision in Rugby, took a tumble down a flight of stairs in Birmingham and hit his head on a metal bar. He fractured his skull, with severe bruising and a blood clot on his brain. 

He was in an induced coma for 4 weeks and the worse was feared when his major organs started to fail. He was being pumped with ice water through a dialysis machine to try and keep his temperature down and Doctors told his wife that he would be very unlikely to survive. 
Miraculously Chez pulled through, opened his eyes, and started to recover, but his ordeal wasn’t over. He contracted Covid-19 while in hospital and had to fight off the virus at the same time as he was trying to learn to walk, talk and eat all over again. 
On June 5th after 3 long months of being unable to see family or friends, he was finally allowed to go home. He still faces months of physiotherapy, but his recovery is amazing. We are so grateful to the amazing NHS staff who saved his life and got him back on his feet.
Chez comes from a history of drama as his mother and father had World War 2 escapes from Poland. Both very lucky to be alive – like Chez