Welcome to Earlsdon Technology

Our Company
Earlsdon Technology Ltd has been designing and building special-purpose machine tools and automation since 1993. We are based in a new factory in Coventry in the heart of the UK .

60% of our machines are exported. We have supplied machines to: Europe, North and South America , South Africa , the Middle East, South-East Asia, China and India.

Our Mission
•  To design machines to meet customers' specific requirements
•  To use our wide experience to offer innovative solutions
•  To offer high quality, good value and personal service
•  To work with our customers to reduce their manufacturing costs.

Our Expertise
All our machines include automatic loading and unloading and are designed to be fast, flexible and reliable.

Our specialities include:
•  Machines for Engine Valve Manufacture
•  Machines for Aerospace Fastener Manufacture
•  Special-Purpose Grinding Machines
•  Special-Purpose Automated Lathes
•  Cut-Off Machines
•  Fillet Rolling Machines
•  Drilling Machines
•  Tapping Machines
•  Broaching Machines
•  Parts Handling Systems