Over the years, E-tech have created a wide range of special-purpose machines for the manufacture of aerospace fasteners, including screws, rivets, nuts, bolts, pins and collars. Our designs are world leading, fast and reliable, with integrated automation and quick changeover, built for 24/7 operation.

Many of our machines are Industry 4.0 compatible, fully programmable and are user friendly, with multiple languages, making our machines suitable for global use. With our machines, you can offer your customers the confidence of knowing that they will receive a high-quality end product.

Our machines come with the latest technology advancements to suit the demanding quality and precision requirements of the aerospace industry. With distributor channels in the USA and China, as well as a global reach that covers Europe and the South America, our machines are used across the world.  

In 2020, we supplied Elon Musk’s SpaceX with a machine used in the manufacture of fasteners for their space program.

Fillet Neck Rolling Machines

Examples such as the new FR-V4C High-Speed Fillet Rolling Machine come with conveyor loading, in-process quality control and touch-screen Allen Bradley (or Siemens) control systems, and are capable of processing over 3,000 parts per hour, giving you speed, reliability and ease of use.

Reaming & Tapping Machines

Our Reaming and Tapping Machines offer speed, reliability and versatility, with the ability to process different nut sizes.

Our RT-SX1 Reaming and Tapping Machine is a powerful and versatile machine that can Ream, Drill or Tap a wide range of nuts for aerospace application in a number of difficult materials including metals and plastics.

This machine has fully programmable servo control of all axes, giving you complete control and with a fast set-up and changeover, as well as quick-change HSK 50 tool holders you can be assured that this machine will meet your production speed and quality standards.

Some of Our Machines:

(New block element here – cards of machines) ADB-S1, RT-SX1, FR-V4C