Since 1993, E-tech have been creating special purpose machines for the grinding, cutting and finishing of both small and large engine valves for use in the automotive sector.

We create world leading, fast and reliable designs with integrated automation and built for 24/7 operation. Our engine valve machines are built to meet the exacting requirements of the automotive industry, providing solutions for motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles including trucks and earth moving equipment.

Many of our machines are Industry 4.0 compatible, fully programmable and are user friendly, with multiple languages, making our machines suitable for global use. With sales channels in the USA, China, Europe and South America, our engine valve machines are exported and used all over the world, and have been used to create valves for high profile end clients.

Seat Grinding Machines

Our Valve Seat Grinding Machines offer speed, reliability and safety. With very fast set up and changeovers, as well as programmable servo-controlled loading systems, you can be sure that production will run smoothly and quickly, whilst advanced pneumatic systems and Kraft & Bauer fire suppression systems mean you can also count on the reliability and safety of our machines.

Machines such as the VSG-M3 offer all this and more, providing the perfect solution for the grinding of automotive engine valves.

Cut-Off Machines

Other types of machine that we offer for use in the manufacture of automotive engine valves are rod cut-off and end forming machines, such as the VCL-X1 which offers fast cycle times, automatic loading and programming servo control of cutting and length adjustment. This caters for valves of different sizes, utilising we cutting with CBM or a conventional wheel.

Some of Our Machines:

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