Bespoke Machines

At E-tech, we design and build specialist automated machines for high-volume component manufacture. Examples of our work include: Automated Grinding Machines, Automated Turning and Drilling Machines and Automated Cut-Off Machines.
Our speciality within this area is automated ‘second-operation’ lathes where bar-feeding is not possible. Blanks, which are often forged or headed, are automatically fed into the machine. They can then be turned, faced, drilled etc and automatically unloaded. Floor-to-floor cycle times can be as low as 2.5 seconds. All machines are designed for rapid set-up and changeover with bespoke user-friendly controls. Take a look at some of our example machines below:
Earlsdon [ TRG-X2 ]
High-Speed Lathe
TRG-X2 high precision lathe
Earlsdon [ FS-X4 ]
CNC Valve Head & Seat Turning Machine
Earlsdon [ TS-X3 ]
Twin Slide Lathe
Earlsdon [ HTD-X2 ]
Head Turning and Drilling Machine